The Canon EOS 70D Camera Reviewed

The Canon EOS 70D has always been a preferred choice of many DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) users for many years, and is probably still is to many. It is not the latest model, but still houses some amazing features that can come in quite handy even for the modern photographer. When shopping for a DSLR camera, most photographers are compelled to make canon 7d mark ii vs 70d comparison. This is because these cameras share lots of great features that unique in their right. Performance Canon EOS 70D is capable of shooting up to 7 frames per second at maximum resolution, for up to 16 raw files or 65 jPEGs. This makes it a great camera to use for shooting sporting events or moving objects when using the continuous focusing feature. You can set sensitivity in an ISO 100 – 12800 range, with an expansion setting that allows an ISO 25,600 equivalent. Features APS-C CMOS sensor The Canon EOS 70D boasts of a 20.2 million-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor. It is capable of producing some of the highest quality images and HD video recordings. Video recording can be up to 1080p. The dual pixel sensor allows for faster focusing for both video mode and live view. Each pixel site has two photodiodes that can read light independently to produce some face detection autofocus. For the image, however, the diodes are read together unlike for autofocusing. Screen The Canon EOS 70D features an LCD screen that is three inches in size. The screen has touchscreen capabilities, which allows you to scroll through images or make some settings adjustments. The screen is mounted on an articulating joint, meaning that you can view it from different angles. Shooting in portrait or landscape format may not affect your view, as tilting the screen appropriately is all you need to do. Connectivity Currently, Wi-Fi is among the features that good cameras simply must have, and the Canon EOS 70D conforms to that. It offers the ability to wirelessly download images as well as to control the camera remotely using a free Android and remote iOS application. Wildlife photographers, in particular, find this a very useful feature. Image processing Canon EOS 70D has a couple of built-in features, which allows capturing of images that are more creative. Such include the Speedlite transmitter that gives control over HDR mode and a multi-exposure mode. A good number of creative filters are also present, which gives jPEGs unique distinctive looks in live view mode.


Features of a quality security camera

When you begin searching for the quality security camera for your security needs, it is essential that you choose one that is going to deliver on the expectations you have. There are very many factors to consider and having a professional to consult is an added advantage. As seen through some of the surveillance companies kansas city, there are a plethora of security companies that clients can choose from. With this many options, selecting the right security cameras can be a tough task. Below we look at some of the features of a quality surveillance camera, ensuring to point out the most common features to look for. Properties of a quality security camera Resolution The resolution of a camera can be simply described as the clarity of the video it records. There are several acceptable qualities that you can select from, but the most usable one are starting from 480p. The more the resolution, the better the image quality will be. Other qualities are 720p and 1080p, also known as Full HD. Other qualities such 4K are having their debut in the market but still catching up. Therefore based on your needs make sure to buy the best based on your needs. Build There are various builds suitable for various conditions, making it only right to pick the right build for the right job. Security cameras are built based on various designs, either to camouflage with the environment, survive harsh conditions or, blend in with the environment. Any person would probably know the build they want to go with, but in the case that one isn’t sure of what to go with, it is always a good idea to inquire from professionals. A good finish and look is also an added advantage to ensure that you get excellent quality. Software system A good security camera should have a great interface to control it. The software that is used to control the software should be easy to use and appealing to the eye. There are very many good software out there, these is why you should get a free demonstration of the software before purchasing the product. Connectivity Two major connections are available for security cameras, Local Area Network connection and IP based connections. Depending on your needs, either might work for you. The LAN based is best used for small premises, while IP-based is best used to manage locations that are far and need remote surveillance.


Tips on buying your own wireless security camera

In today’s world keeping surveillance at your home is not just for cops, knowing what goes in your home inside out is key when it comes to protecting your loved ones and your property or even your business which may be your source of livelihood. While many tech companies are shifting to production of a different brand of wireless cameras, it has become a task to make the best option for you as the consumer. However, before settling down at buying a certain brand of camera, it is important that you get to know and prioritize what you need from the camera and whether what you will purchase will meet this criterion. You also need to seek the help pf professionals when it comes to wireless security camera system installation. To make it easy for you to make a decision here are some tips that you need to consider. Should be easy to access The first question you need to ask yourself before purchasing that camera is how easy is it for you to access the videos whenever you need them. Some wireless camera can be accessed via apps, which you can log in from any place anytime you want. Some can be accessed via Android or iOS devices. Regardless of the method of accessing it ensure that accessibility interface or Android interface is reliable.  Field of view How much area do you want your camera to cover? As you, buy the camera check to see whether the scope of view suits your space. Since it will be guarding a single room, it is better to purchase one with a wider field of view so as not to miss anything.  Look for one, which tracks movements Choose a camera that will be able to track even the slightest movement in your house. For example, go for the camera with a memory buffer, as it will keep on constantly recording actions after every few seconds. You would rather be sure of whatever is happening rather than not knowing at all. Go for one with high-quality color Getting the right description of the intruder is significant in helping the cops to identify them quickly. Color cameras are better as compared to black and white cameras as they tend to capture every detail of the intruder. Though the black and white are less expensive color images are not as invaluable as many would think. The benefits of the color camera outweigh that of a wireless non-colored camera, though they come at a cost.  Buy an all-weather wireless camera Get a camera whose visibility will not be affected by weather conditions. Especially when it comes to an outdoor camera, it is very necessary that it be weather resistant so that you get to know what is happening within your property.