Learn How To Keep Company Data Safe

Some security incidents of data breach and lost files in companies are mainly caused due to poor planning and careless mistakes. We have pointed out some of the fundamental basics for keeping your company data safe either from an internal breakdown or external invasion.

How to keep company data safe

Use cloud storagecloud storage

In most cases, the security level offered by cloud computing provider is always greater than the security of your internal servers. On-premise servers can also be subjected to various risks like theft, fire, cleaning staff, flood or even mistakes made by an inexperienced employee. But when you store all your data in the cloud, you are guaranteed of safety even when all your office possessions are burned to the ground.

Based on scale’s economy, it is reasonable and more economical for cloud vendors to secure their data from threats like natural disasters and hackers considering safety and security being the main concern with the cloud technology.

Use full disk encryption

Storing your data in the cloud is not enough to keep all your information secured. Other data and temporary files will still find their way in, For this reason; you should consider using an FDE (full disk encryption) system that works on any device for laptops to smartphones. An FDE encrypts the entire system on a hard drive, including your data, operating system and applications. Consider a full disk encryption solution from known security vendors like Check Point, Symantec, Sophos, McAfee and much more

Always use a password manager

Security expert recommends using a different password for every online service or site to reduce the security threat that can lead to the loss of your company data if one site/service happens to be hacked. Always ensure to use a distinctive password for services or business apps where you may be having sensitive information. If you tend to forget your passwords easily, there are some password manager like the 1password where you can store your passwords under one secured key.

Install an active spyware and virus protection

Effective virusvirus software will help to prevent spyware and viruses from creeping into your device that could degrade the system’s performance and destroy or corrupt your data. A firewall will help out in blocking unsafe viruses, spyware or programs before infiltrating into your system.

Numerous software companies offer effective firewall protection, but the hardware-based firewalls like the ones built into most network routers are the best; they will provide a valuable level of security. Always keep off from rogue websites as most of them contain spyware.