Most times, the emails you send through your Blackberry devices are private and confidential. Well, even when they are not, you still would not wish for just anyone other than the intended recipient to see what you are sending since your mail might contain your personal issues, political views, tax discussions, images and others things. It is for this and many more reasons that you need to have BlackBerry Encryption on your device to secure all electronic mails that you send such that even when they are intercepted, the interceptor will not be able to read the message in any way.

PGP blackberry encryptionPGP blackberry encryption

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) refers to a computer program used for data encryption and decryption, to provide cryptographic privacy as well as data authentication for data communication. It is mainly used for increasing the security of communications by encrypting and decrypting emails, texts, directories, files, and whole disk partitions. The open PGP standard is what is used for encryption and decryption, via a series of hashing, data compression, symmetric-key cryptography, and public-key cryptography.

Reasons to use blackberry encryption

Data security

This is quite an obvious and perhaps the main reason for using Blackberry encryption. The encryption protects all your information from being accessed in the case when your mail is intercepted, or when the blackberry device gets lost. This is a significant advantage as it is common to have very sensitive information on smartphones. An appropriate key or password must be used to view any emails, meaning that it will be nearly impossible for an unauthorized person to access your mail.

PGP blackberry encryptionIt is reliable

There might be a few other ways of protecting your data, but using Blackberry encryption has proven to be the most efficient and trusted option over time. It provides security that is safe and strong, all in an easy way to ensure that you will never have to worry about a thing ever again about sending electronic mails.

Prevent surveillance

This might sound a bit paranoid to most people, but there is no need to take chances if you can prevent it. Unconfirmed reports have been stating how many organizations have been doing surveillance on unaware citizens. Encrypting your messages does not mean that you are a criminal or have something to hide. It simply is just a way of ensuring that your privacy rights are not violated in any way.