The Canon EOS 70D has always been a preferred choice of many DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) users for many years, and is probably still is to many. It is not the latest model, but still houses some amazing features that can come in quite handy even for the modern photographer. When shopping for a DSLR camera, most photographers are compelled to make canon 7d mark ii vs 70d comparison. This is because these cameras share lots of great features that unique in their right.

PerformanceCanon EOS 70D Camera

Canon EOS 70D is capable of shooting up to 7 frames per second at maximum resolution, for up to 16 raw files or 65 jPEGs. This makes it a great camera to use for shooting sporting events or moving objects when using the continuous focusing feature. You can set sensitivity in an ISO 100 – 12800 range, with an expansion setting that allows an ISO 25,600 equivalent.


APS-C CMOS sensor

The Canon EOS 70D boasts of a 20.2 million-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor. It is capable of producing some of the highest quality images and HD video recordings. Video recording can be up to 1080p. The dual pixel sensor allows for faster focusing for both video mode and live view. Each pixel site has two photodiodes that can read light independently to produce some face detection autofocus. For the image, however, the diodes are read together unlike for autofocusing.


The Canon EOS 70D features an LCD screen that is three inches in size. The screen has touchscreen capabilities, which allows you to scroll through images or make some settings adjustments. The screen is mounted on an articulating joint, meaning that you can view it from different angles. Shooting in portrait or landscape format may not affect your view, as tilting the screen appropriately is all you need to do.

Canon EOS 70D CameraConnectivity

Currently, Wi-Fi is among the features that good cameras simply must have, and the Canon EOS 70D conforms to that. It offers the ability to wirelessly download images as well as to control the camera remotely using a free Android and remote iOS application. Wildlife photographers, in particular, find this a very useful feature.

Image processing

Canon EOS 70D has a couple of built-in features, which allows capturing of images that are more creative. Such include the Speedlite transmitter that gives control over HDR mode and a multi-exposure mode. A good number of creative filters are also present, which gives jPEGs unique distinctive looks in live view mode.