If you are running a small business, you may need to outsource your IT needs. This is because it is not only effective but also a cost-friendly way of supporting your computer systems. It does not matter whether you are good at maintaining systems, it is better to spend your time running your business instead of troubleshooting buggy computers and monitoring backups. Moreover, if something goes wrong, you have a professional that will come to your rescue.

Nowadays, there are reputable companies offering comComputer Consultant Firmputer consulting services to small businesses. This market is said to be quite competitive with a broad range of IT service providers that range from an independent consultant that serves a limited number of customers to large firms that serve hundreds of enterprises.

What a computer consultant offers

A business that needs services of a qualified IT consulting firm should have criteria to evaluate their potential future providers. Gone are times when you wait until a computer breaks down and then call a consultant to carry out repairs at an hourly rate. In fact, this reactive support model is quite inefficient and quite ineffective at keeping systems functioning at optimal performance. The following are some of the things to look for in a reliable computer consulting company:

Network monitoring

When you install an application on the server, the computer consultant should monitor all critical components of your network such as:

  • Backup status
  • AntiVirus activity and updates
  • Security status
  • Drive space
  • Communication and website status
  • System event logs and errors

The majority of monitoring utilities that are used nowadays are web-based. This means that your computer consultant in Walnut Creek can monitor your network from his or her computer. It is good to monitor your network’s health status so that you become aware of any issues that may arise.

Remote computer support

The computer consultant can log into your systems and address problems as soon as they arise. Remember that remote connectivity allows the consultant to offer support quickly and better as compared to in-house Network Administrator.

Inventory reporting

The comComputer Consultant Firmputer consulting firm ought to offer you accurate and timely reports. You can use these reports to identify potential problems on your network. Moreover, they can assist you in budgeting for the support future needs.


Going for the cheapest consultant is likely to backfire. In fact, it can end up being costly in the long run. An experienced, qualified consultant ought to be paid satisfactorily. Paying a fixed or monthly fee