There are plenty of data storage options these days. Flash drives have managed to store up to terabytes, and so do external HDD or SSD. But compared to them all, cloud storage is actually superior.

Unlimited Scalability

big data on the cloudIf you spend your money on physical drives, you will have to ditch the old one if you want to scale up your storage capacity. With a cloud storage service, you have unlimited scalability. Let’s take a look at Google Drive, for example. Its plans can cover up to 30 TB! Another example, Microsoft One Drive, has 1 TB included if you subscribe to their Office services. You will have various options if you use cloud storage services, unlike if you buy a physical drive. 


data sharingThe biggest problem with a flash drive is that people often lose it. And once it’s lost, so is your data. Also, once the flash drive is broken, you won’t get your data back. As a storage device, external storage drives are not as versatile as cloud storage. 

With cloud storage, you can access your data anywhere and anytime. You can also share it in real-time with others by simply sending them the share link. This is a feature you can’t get from physical drives. 


The only issue you may have when you hear about cloud storage is probably its security. There were indeed many breaches in the past. But cloud storage providers have improved their security since then. Encryption, firewalls, event logging, intrusion detection, and even physical security are the standard features of today’s cloud storage infrastructure. You can say goodbye to your fear of ransomware, spyware, and even malware lurking somewhere in your data. Your cloud storage provider will detect them for you. 

Moreover, most cloud storage providers offer warranty for data loss. When they are deleted, they don’t automatically disappear from the system. Your chances of recovering your lost data are higher with cloud storage than if you store them in physical drives. 


As long as you have Internet access, you can access your data. They won’t get corrupted, and you can access them from any devices you use. And anytime you need to collaborate with other to edit the data, you can always do that. Physical drives don’t have this reliable features for sure.