There’s nothing like comparing between two pieces of awesome technologies to start the day, and you can thank guruverdict’s laptop reviews for providing the best and unbiased reviews to help you understand which product is the superior choice. Now both laptop and PC have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that made them unique, and it can be tricky to find out which device is the superior choice, but let us help you reach clarity, so you can reach a final decision without any misgivings.

Main Differences

Although both are quite similar, the main differences between the two are quite distinguishable, and we can point them out down below:

  • PC – It’s static and stationary, so you can’t take them anywhere; it will have to be parked on top of a table or desk in your bedroom or office to operate.
  • PC – Comprised of several key components to make it work, i.e., Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, Monitor, Speakers, CPU, etc.
  • PC – It can be customized depending on the users’ needs and requirements, and there are even choices for double monitors.
  • Laptop – It’s portable and mobile, so you can take them anywhere, it doesn’t have to stay in one place, and you can even take them to work or vacation just like your smartphone.
  • Laptop – Comprised of smaller components that are typically built-in the device itself, such as the keyboard, monitor screen, touchpad, USB port, battery, etc.
  • Laptop – It can be customized, but the options are limited compared to PC that can be modified to a much greater extent.

So, in conclusion, both a laptop and PC possess quite discernible differences that sometimes escape our comprehension when we see them in the same room. But the list that we’ve created can help make you understand a bit better.

What’s Good About Laptops


A laptop might be your best choice if you want to move around a lot. Whether you are a student or a worker, you will need to leave your captain’s quarters to go about your day and your duties, and having a laptop means you get access to all of your files and data even if you’re away on vacation. With a laptop in your hand, you can send emails, read online, access work files, edit videos and pictures, and many more things with the freedom to move around and not be bound in a dimly lit room.

What’s Good About PC


A PC might be the best choice for you if your work comprises of a lot of data usage and processing power such as a videographer, video editor, movie maker, software engineer, etc.; PCs are the best for those kinds of professions because they are powerful and versatile and they can be adapted to suit your needs. For example, a professional gamer’s PC requirement and a programmer’s needs might differ, but they don’t have to fight because the PC can be customized, however way they desired it to be.

The Bottom Line

Both products are excellent, but you need to know what are your priorities and needs and make the ultimate decision to go with which product. We hoped that this article had helped you somehow and you are on your way to make your purchase!